If God exist — based on what people whose interests are counter to your own have told you about God you refuse to worship him. I appreciate your article — given that viewpoint, you’re not wrong in any aspect of it — but where is it written that you have to take what others have said about God at face value? I’m asking the same question that you are: What’s up with this “All-or-nothing” mentality? Clearly you know they’re lying to you, so certainly let their god be left behind and forgotten. He was only ever made to manipulate you into serving their interests. I’m only offering that you not also discard the opportunity to learn about God for yourself, on your own terms, as a vehicle for Self-understanding. Because, if you discard their primary message of God the Omnipotent, they’d at least be satisfied in having taken that away from you, and you would still serve their aims.

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