Whether now it should be best to go homewards, there were none who said that it would be best in that to speak of returning.
Rather we said, “Let us be a new people in this old place.”
Always anew in your light.

When I came to sit at your feet, you said to me, “Of you I am well pleased.”
I realized that it is mine to say what you Are.

I am eternally thankful for all that I am,
Even such a rabid suffering as you have made.

O my love,
I saw you as I was walking along the crumbling sands by the waterside.
You were going the other way.
For a moment, my eyes became your eyes,
Your eyes became my eyes,
And in this way we stared together out into the void.
Then I saw your footprints leading back from where you had come
And followed them for a while.

What spoke to me in the bright light of that awakening was an understanding that came to me through my suffering and said to me,
No savior stands before the throne.
The Kingdom is yours and yours alone.
So many fires burn in your cities strewn across this desert that I have made for you,
And that is what I leave to you.

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